Bitching about Bitching, Bitch!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this, but: I started an entry for the King’s Field games on TV Tropes. I also posted a discussion about it on their forums. It still needs some proofreading, so please help out!

In other news, sorry I haven’t been updating (for all zero of you that care). Main thing is, my internet troubles still haven’t been completely ironed out.

There’s another thing too though: I try to only post when I feel like there’s something worth saying.

One problem I’ve had with blogs in the past is that you get into this mindset where you want to post every stupid little thought that comes to your mind, until it gets to a point where you’re updating just to say your head feels empty–which it will do. I’ve noticed that the brain has a way of becoming less efficient and shutting down when you’re constantly using it to type posts, which leads to a loss of motivation and increased depression. To put it simply, its actually better for your health to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Another problem I have–and in fact, am having right now–is the temptation to bitch. It seems like 99% of blogging is just having a private playground to bitch. I’ve got to wonder: Why is this natural? Why are internet users so angry and negative? Do we have no joy in life?

Some would say bitching allows you to “vent.” In my experience, this isn’t true: All that happens is that bitching on your blog becomes your default way of dealing with any minor irritation or short-lived moment of discomfort you have. What’s worse is your mind begins blowing small things out of proportion. You’re not making yourself feel better, you’re becoming miserable!

On a personal level, I have a problem with voicing complaints or writing negative reviews, because they tend to feel like some code of honor you have to live up to. Like, if you say “I hate this anime because it has blue bears,” and somebody points out a show you’re a known fan of that also has blue bears, suddenly you’re a hypocrite. Then you have to do all sorts of mental gymnastics to explain your stance, and ultimately you just make yourself look like a fool. It’s often better not to even bother, and let your readers guess and infer and work out the contradictions for themselves. Actually, I’m going to make that an Edmond Trope: “The Blue Bear Paradox.” Time to go back-entry editing!

Cutting this post short before it overstays its welcome.


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